How do we improve rural community livelihoods?

A few fun facts about Botswana.

A cultural night where we got to indulge in the San culture around an ora molelo (campfire).

Back to IDDS.

1. The Innovation centre in Dutlwe ; 2. The Dough mixer team test their prototype in the community ; 3. The Peanut roaster team sells their products to the community.
4. The bean thresher prototypes; 5. The paper made from elephant dung on display for sale. ; 6. The hydroponic water system.
7. The paper bag maker team makes their final presentation; 8. The peanut roaster team test their prototype. 9. Teams engage in a team building activity
  • The projects have a higher chance of continuity once the program ends since there is a sense of ownership and pride from the community members.
  • Greater impact of the program since attributes such as confidence are cultured and mindsets are positively altered especially amongst community members.
  • The interaction between the community members and other participants exposes both groups to the different cultures and as a result both become more open-minded, respectful and appreciative of the other’s culture.
  • There is exchange of knowledge and information which is empowering to both groups but especially to the local community members.
IDDS Botswana 2018 group photo with the partners listed below



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Lisa Kimondo

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